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Primary Fanwork created by flames_and_jade

Title: Perfect Boys with their Perfect Lives
Creator: Flames_and_Jade
Bands: Fall Out Boy
Pairings: Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Brief mention (in passing) of a past suicide attempt and Mental health struggles (panic attacks, etc) and a small amount of recreational drug use.
Summary: For once in his life, Pete Wentz did not feel like the biggest freak in the room.

He meets Joe in Borders looking at the week’s new music, and notices when he leaves the faint smell of charred wood. Eventually he meets Patrick and Andy, Joe’s roommates and they become fast friends...and it’s easy enough to ignore the strange occurrences here and there. That is, until one day they’re playing Monopoly and in a fit of frustration Joe lights the board on fire, only to have Patrick summon water from somewhere and extinguish it. That’s how he finds out his new friends--and his crush--are actually Sagani, an ancient race descended from the angels God placed at the four corners of the world to balance the elements and safeguard mankind.

Shenanigans ensue, and Pete and Patrick both develop feelings for the other much to the amusement and (sometimes) annoyance of Joe and Andy. They have to listen to Patrick worry endlessly if Pete likes him, if he’s interested...and most importantly, how to tell him two tiny bits of information he left out about the Sagani.

The Sagani are immortal and have no souls...unless they bind themselves to a mortal.

Posted on AO3, here

Complement Fanwork created by solikethesea:

Title: Art for "Perfect Boys with their Perfect Lives"
Format: .png
Bands: fall out boy
Pairings: pete/patrick
Size: 672 kb
Rating: g
Warnings: none
Summary: Art for chapter 13 of flames_and_jade's fanfiction, Perfect Boys with their Perfect Lives.
Relevant links: hereon ao3, rebloggable here< on tumblr.


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